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Marash Slice Ice Cream-Kesme Dondurma


Have you ever eaten ice cream with a knife and fork? Kesmek means "to cut" in Turkish, so "Kesme Dondurma", made from salep and goat milk, refers to an ice cream made for slicing.We use exclusively natural flavors for our ice creams along with goat milk to give our ice cream its sweet, subtly botanical base.

Marash Ice Cream is made from milk, sugar and powder from the tubers of wild orchids ("Dactylorhiza Osmanica") which the Turks call "Osmaniye orkidesi."

The milk used can be goat's, sheep's or cow's.But it tastes the best with goat milk.

While kesme dondurma uses the same type of orchid-root thickening agent used in normal ice cream, it's a specific beating method that makes it dense enough to form that solid brick shape when frozen.In fact,it becomes so stiff it can be hung from a hook; when eaten, it melts slowly in the mouth.Marash carries several flavors of kesme dondurma, including Marash cut (plain), peanut, orange, caramel,almond, chocolate, pistachio,mixed fruit and many more.

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